Losing sync after hit cue button

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if this has already been discussed on the forum. I don’t often use sync because I prefer beatmatch by ear. But sometimes I have to use sync. And I’ve noticed that when I use sync, if I then hit the cue button to make a cue-play or make a cue point, the player loses sync with the other deck. So if I press play the current track will not start synchronised with the other deck. I therefore have to re-engage synchronisation systematically after placing a cue point, or doing some cue-play, which is quite restrictive. I think it would be good if sync wasn’t disabled after placing a cue point in order to save time in the workflow, although I don’t know if this is technically possible.

What are your thoughts on this?

This is by design as this is unquantised. I prefer it this way as it doesn’t automate too much.

Can you adapt to using the hot cues instead or would that not work for your workflow?

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There is no shame in using this tool and you should never have to defend its use.

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I wrote a feature requests 2 years ago… There you can find “No Sync while pressing Cue Button” “CUE - no way for sync”

But i can remember that this function had worked before

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