Loose, Wobbly, and Dented Buttons Play/Pause Buttons

Both my play/pause and one of my pitch buttons came loose on arrival, as in I can move them laterally in their sockets. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing defect in the plastic or something in the design but regardless it is concerning for a product of this price. Fortunately they all still work. Is it possible to get them repaired or replaced?


Any and every button will have a certain amount of play on any product, any make or model - they’re moving parts, after all. The majority of normal users will get years of use out of all the buttons.

However, dented buttons is something that you’d need to talk to the retailer/dealer regarding - as that’s different.

My Play/Pause button is tight, it only goes up/down with the clear confirmation click. The same goes for the pitch buttons (not the faders, they have some left/right give),

The build quality of Denon gear is beyond reproach, I can vouch for that as a (very) longtime Denon user. The MCX is full metal jacket and most things are screwed directly to the front plate, individually or on a sub-chassis.

The behavior you describe does not sound like “normal”. As Gee said your best bet is to contact your reseller and get the unit swapped (as this I would call dead on arrival, you shouldn’t have to wait for a repair).

11222 this is a problem with the prime series, the mc7000 and the mcx8000. Im about to blow this whole thing up as Ive taken apart my unit and can see that denon buttons, including (but not limited to) PLAY, CUE, SYNC and HEADPHONE CUE buttons are made with this incredibly cheap plastic housing assembly that is destined to fail with continued use. I just made a video showing these buttons, their cheap plastic housing, and the stress marks on all the buttons mentioned above, which will certainly show that all buttons in these denon products are going to fail…its only a matter of time


Where are the videos of the SC5000 and x1800 having the same buttons as the all-in-one units?

There is folks who had same issue with both units. Posted about it in this forum. If you just do a simple search in this forum with only the word “button” it will show up. I also made a youtube vid showing the housing, and folks commented on SC5000 and x1800 havingthe same housing.

The unsurprising factor here is that the video and whatever fake slur it’s trying to promote, is simply rubbish.

The buttons on the Primes are different to the non-Prime units.

It’s important for everyone who doesn’t already know, that on most pro gear “a button” is really made up of two pieces… firstly there’s the rectangular, often illuminated bit that you push or tap (or smash or hammer) and that is mounted above, but separate to, a tac switch (or tactile switch) which is mounted on the circuit board. The two items are often a millimetre or two apart.

That’s where the similarity between Primes and the cheaper products ends. They’re not shared buttons, mounts, or tac switches.

Some people just smash and hammer anything they get presented with and of course, will always claim that they themselves DJ with the delicate touch of an angel stroking a new-born kitten. There’s less and less believability of “Ive had 3 replacement units and I have a feather-like touch with all my gear” any more, when others have had units for x years with no issues.


Hi All,

@Reticuli There are no videos of dissected SC5000 and X1800’s with button problems because it’s not a problem with those products. Failure count for any button on either of those products is in the low single digits worldwide.

Note that the play/pause button assembly for the SC5000 and the play/pause button assembly for the MCX8000/MC7000 are not the same part. There is no reason to suggest that one user’s failures with his MC7000 will be relevant to an SC5000 or X1800.

@stephendurkin I’m sure you’ll see the comment on the youtube video as well, but just to reply to your post here, that button fixture costs $6 US. The $200 US piece is the Right or Left Control PCB. I’m not sure where that got confused.

To be perfectly clear, we will only provide parts pricing when it is requested and do not sell internal parts or components to end-users for products that are still under warranty. This would condone opening the product and thus voiding the warranty, as well as potentially causing further damage and stress to the parts. We also would not have recommended you purchase any specific part because we cannot provide a complete diagnosis of any hardware failure over the phone.

While exceptions can and will be made, we will always recommend using our warranty service centers; an option that was provided to you despite having already dis-assembled the product.

All that said, we heavily consider feedback like this whenever considering updates and appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your experience.


I still remember a video of radio DJ here in The Netherlands, who nearly managed to slam the lid of a Studer D730 cd-player. These players were build like tanks and still some are able to destroy stuff.

A truely worthy use of a load of bold text

H’one more time now …

So there !!!

I would like to politely ask you to dial back the mud slinging. The point of this discussion isn’t to win arguments, it’s to help users with the right information. Your position happens this time around to be backed up by data from customer service. There’s no need to gloat over it. Your last post adds no new worthwhile information to the conversation.

Having said that I would like to point out that if anyone (like the original poster) does have a unit that is defective upon arrival, that the vast majority of the time the quickest and easiest way to get a working unit is to talk to the reseller. Most stores will swap units, and the turnaround time is almost certainly shorter than sending the unit in for repair.

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If that were a requirement of writing on posts then some would find themselves with nothing to say.

The critical point in this story is that someone with a broke button is trying to tarnish the entire product lines button. That’s like getting a puncture in one tyre and then saying that all tyres are the same poor quality coz all tyres are round and black and rubbery.

A play button isn’t the same as another play button just coz it’s got P,L,A,Y written on it, of course.

Some people will break something, maybe even accidentally and will blame anything and everything while being in denial.

Of course though, accidents happen and that’s what warranties are for - happy days

This type of hyper respoce is totally something I like to call “owner bias.” Typically this “person” owns a product and refuses to believe anything could possibly go wrong with “their” product and anyone who challanges this “idea” is simply creating rubbish.

Im merely bringing up the points by using my own experiences, and also by reading about the many who have also experienced the same issues who have also posted on this forum.

I think we all have better things to do than deal with broken equiptment and Denons stance on it. Denon never actually adresses the issues beyond saying that the SC5000 and X1800’s product dont have this issue. Meanwhile the forum says otherwise.

Denon also says nothing about the MC series buttons. The fact that the assembly is extremely weak and prone to break is not addressed. And we havent even got an answer as to if the new assemblys are stronger or reinforced.

Sure Denon will through another assembly in a unit. But if the assembly is still weak, it going to happen again. So whats the point. After a year we are on our own with “prone to break” buttons waiting to break, and at our cost to fix.

If denon really wants to make good on the issue, they have to agknowledge it first…they have not…and here we sit…

And not forgetting, of course what I like to call “breakers bias” . Typically this “person” owns a product and refuses to believe that a piece of electronic gear with either “professional” in the advertising, or with a price tag over $35 can’t withstand a headon collision with an express train, 50 litres of soda being poured into the controls, and should have a never ending warranty and anyone who challenges this idea is simply creating rubbish.

Of course, the reality is that the majority of people will be inbetween the two extremes of “owners bias” and “breakers bias” but maybe not everyone is exactly in the absolute middle of the two ends.

If you’ve got warranty left on the product and there’s nothing that’s likely to be found in the product that would prevent a warranty repair, like water damage, or perhaps a warranty history with the owner/address repeatedly claiming broken buttons, then go for it- send it in under warranty.


Yes. I see many people who are to badly treat they DJ equipment and have 100% of nothing should be break and then always treat everything like that

People has asked you to show your video to show that Prime button is same as mcx button but in this time you have not shown Prime button onlyyou shown mcx button. It is probable that you have no such video and empty claims.

The mcx he is a four divide of the prices of a prime set of sc5000 and a 1800 so of obviously the component in Prime wont be same as a mcx

Perhaps @jemabaris can help you guys out.

The SC 5000 Play/Cue unit is pretty much the same as the mcx with the only difference being the missing sync button in the assembly. You can trust me on that since i had to swap mine after it broke.

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it does not really reassure … great Can someone explain to me why Denon does not market play cue buttons separately like pioneer for Thomann Store or Music Store in UE ?

A vague sameness does not make they the same.

Any button can look as like as another button

A-n-d a-s d-e-n-o-n s-a-I-d Fails Of Prime buttons are in s-i-n-g-l-e digits across the worldwide

Prime are simply the stronger than mcx

Not sure if ironic or uninformed.