Loose power cables, unstable power supply

Hey, the supplied generic (Isheng?) iec power cables that came with my sc5000s will not stay in the sockets - they seem to fall out, can be wiggled around immensely and easily lose contact causing my players to shut down. The plugs seem too narrow and not deep enough for the sockets in the back of the 5000s and the only way I can get the units to turn on and remain on is to stick objects underneath the plugs to force them slightly above level and remain in contact with the socket. If i move the units slightly they will lose power. I have never experienced anything like this with any piece of electronics. Is this normal? How do y’all work around this- Do you tape the plugs into the socket? I’ve tried other, wider iec cables and while they fit a bit better the same problems persist, they also need to be propped up otherwise they lose contact. Both players are on 1.6 firmware. Bought from different vendors (one new, one used). Connected to a powerstrip going into the wall. The same issues occur if i plug the units directly into the wall sockets in 2 different rooms. thanks

I don’t have this issue with my players. I mov em around and take em to gigs all hooked up in a coffin which has been dropped, pushed, and shaken. Never had to plug em back in.

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I also never had that problem, and I run my SC5000’s for 3 years now. The remedy for Your issue can be a bit of gaff rape around the connector to make it sit tight. Or a new pair of IEC cables.

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Maybe your dealer swapped out the original power cables for some of his own for your particular country plug


It’s 2 different vendors from the U.S. where I live and both supplied the exact same power cable, so I assumed it was the official Denon cord. Maybe it’s not tho?

I’ve tried a few other wider iec cables and they have similar issues, I’ll definitely try the tape trick, thanks.

That sounds perfect, just curious what brand of iec cable came with your 5000s? The cables I have and the others I’ve tried just will not maintain adequate contact to the prongs unless I put some foam blocks directly underneath the base of the plug. Even then a modest shift of the player causes the units to lose power.

I’ll check when I get home in the am for ya.

There isn’t any branding. Just the gauge info and some random numbers. The numbers don’t match on each cable, but the cables do match, so I don’t think it’s a product number.

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