Loops, Hot Cues and Slip Mode

If I have a loop running then engage slip mode and press a hot cue it drops the track out of the loop, I would expect it to stay in the original loop as slip mode is on, this is the same on the Prime 2 and SC5000’s

Is this expected behavior?

yes, it is actually related to the fact that you can’t “arm” a loop prior to entering it.

An armed loop is deactivated the moment a cue is pressed. (firmware 1.0 of the SC5000 didn’t have this problem).

Saved/pre-activated/armed loops has been a long standing request. (allmost 3 years and counting)

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@MixMasterG_ATGR.nl this is not about active loop, but the issue here looks like when music is already playing in loop, then activate slip mode and press hot cue. It will knock out of the loop, that was already running before slip mode activation. Strange…

@NoiseRiser Like I said, it’s related to the “active loop” discussion.

in short: using a cue will always disarm an armed loop (slip mode or not). And that’s not how most DJ software handles it.

Yeah thats right, personally I would expect the loop to stay

It is also the case with the CUE button stopping the active loop.

I generally tend to loop the first 16 beats of a track and by pressing the CUE button (temp cue) it deactivates the loop.

It has always been a pain for me.

There is also no way to retrigger a loop like a hotcue

Denon already had the best hot cue and loop operations on the planet with all their CD decks.

Denon dropped the ball and took a Huge step backwards with Prime Loops. Prime is great ! Prime loops are utterly flatline unimpressive.

Is there already a feature request for the loop system improvements? But not a simple bring back the active loop but to really rethink looping? If not I will post some ideas :slight_smile:

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Bringing back the active loop will automatically solve all these issues if implemented correctly. This revolves around pressing any Cue pad/button disarms an pre-activated loop. Slip mode should be “transparent” for an active loop and not have any influence on the loop’s stated.

But it wouldn’t hurt to expand the “active loop request” with these examples of how loops should work.

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Yes! This is partially true… I don’t know why sometimes happens and sometimes don’t! It looks like there is something different in the way the loop has been set… Anyway I agree with you! This is a PITA!