Loop trigger like hot cues

Good morning all, I am a DJ mobile sound system. I went from Pioneer XDJ RX to Prime 4 a few days ago. This turntable is top, the sound is better than the RX, the integration of TIDAL is great, and necessarily what makes its strength is the navigation with this superb screen. I was disturbed by the fact that the hotcue and loop are physically separated, it’s faster when we all have it on hand without changing the memory bank, but it does not matter, I will learn to work as it. My current problem, which prevents me from working properly, is not being able to play a loop with a single pad, you have to press loop and then play, it’s really strange! Why not be able to play them like hotcues, doing only one action? I found a trick to achieve what I want but it is not intuitive to achieve in the evening ^^ You have to create a loop, activate it, go to hotcue, create a hotcue on the first smug of the loop, when we press the hotcue we will play the loop, it’s very laborious! It would require momentary / trigger mode as for hotcues! Do you think it can be integrated in a future update? Thanks for reading me :slight_smile: Alain

sorry for the turn of the sentences, I’m french :slight_smile:

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Welcome! this was exactly my issue when I moved from CDJ-2000NXS it drove me nuts, took me a while but you eventually get used to it :slight_smile:

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So I would suggest to change the topic from Active loops to loop trigger like hot cues. As Active loop is a completely different function. It is used to “arm a loop as active” before the track reaches the loop point and then it will trigger the loop automatically. Hope that helped a bit to understand the terminology.

Happy mixing!


I started a feature request for Cue Loop

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Yes NoiseRiser completely agree there are two different functions :slight_smile:

Thank you j141, my problem is that I did not know this gap on the prime 4 otherwise I would not have changed equipment in the middle of the wedding season, it will be very difficult not to make mistakes

You definitely have a setting wrong. You should be able to press a saved loop button and have it start playing. Check your settings. I use this all the time for a breakdown or to help with a transition. Check ya settings

Is there a feature in the works to allow this? Looking for a way to re-trigger an active loop, like a hot-cue.

Currently, when you hit a loop cue, it will jump to it if the playhead is not within the loop. However if the playhead is within the loop as you hit the loop button, it will only toggle it’s active/inactive status.

Would love to have it operate like Traktor, where it immediately cues the loop, and a shift-click is what toggles the loop’s active status.

Shift click deletes the loop currently , so they’d have to find a different button or key combo

True. What about shift+click the loop encoder? I believe that’s actually how Traktor does it.

Great news, I think Denon just added this as a preference in Engine Prime v1.6: Engine 1.6 Additional Features | PRIME 4 Track Preview, Trigger Loops and more - YouTube

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This is all well and good if you’re not a freestyle DJ or doing a freestyle sesh. Sometimes I’m in my headphones smacking sh*t, and am in my headphones screening a new track on the fly. I set a loop manually, then use a hot-cue button and it cancels my loop. That ■■■■■ for timing…