Loop Roll with SC6000?

Hi there, I’m new to 2 SC6000s and the X1850 and so far just love them. A few questions, coming from other platforms:

  • Is there a way to engage a loop and on exiting the loop, continue the song where it would have been if I wouldn’t have looped it?
  • Is there a way to change / modify the length/duration of rolls?

Thanks for helping a DENON newbie! :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the roll effect (on Your decks it is the ROLL pad mode). Pads are reflecting different lengths of loops including triplets. They play a loop as long as You keep it pressed. Releasing the pad will result in a normal playback like You would never do nothing. Exactly as You expect in Your post.

Thanks! So I am “limited” to the 6 different durations that are built in? Or can I do “longer rolls” somehow?

Would activating slip and then looping work?

Nope. It works with Hot Cues but not with loops.

You have 8 different lengths - more than enough.

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