Loop Back mode on Denon Prime 4's?

I recently picked up a Denon Prime 4. My old decks were Pioneer DDJ SR2’s. I was using virtual DJ software and the loops were set so if I set an 8 bar loop, it would loop BACK the PRIOR 8 bars that were played, with the loop ending at the place in the track at which I initiated the loop. That way, I can hear what it is I want to loop before setting the loop.

However on the Prime 4’s, it only loops the FOLLOWING 8 bars. I see that you can set a manual loop in then loop out point, but what if the thing you wanted to loop hasn’t played yet? Is there any way to set it up so when I initiate the loop it will loop the prior bars without having to manually set the loop in point? Seems very clunky. Thanks in advance!

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Start a feature request for it so folks can vote for it (or they can also decimate it - forewarned)


Its a nice feature i agree. I think VDJ allows you to define the loop behaviour. Loop forward or Loop backwards.

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