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Is there any means i can activate a loop while the track continues to play, and the loop stays in sync with it ?


If You have proper beat grids - then yes

How is that done, can you pls explain?

There is a ton of YT videos explaining this and also the manual for Engine dj as well.

Here is an example video:

I think there are a few ways to do this, but the easiest for me is to add a beatgrid to the tune and set some loop markers with specific length in engine dj. First, you can then see in the waveform if there are any saved loops and you can just jump to it or activate them on the fly or even set the loop in engine dj as an avtivated loop that automatically becomes active when the tune reaches that point.

As NoiseRiser posted, these small infos videos from denon are helpfull if you wanna get a quick view of some features. When you wanna go deep into it, the main software dokumentation is the way to go to get the most out of it.

I think he means he wants to grab a loop from a track that will stay in sync with the track continuing to play. So answer would depend on what hardware he owns.

What i meant is activate a loop but the tracks keeps on playing while the loop keeps playing, together.

Activate SLIP mode and make a loop

Awesome, thanks

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Actually, sorry, i believe i was misunderstood.

I didn’t mean the track to continue underneath but to effectively continue playing (audible) with the loop added to it.

Not at the same time on the same deck. For this specific situation I would recommend making an instant double and let the loop play on 1 deck and the track (loop out) on the other deck.

Thanks a lot.

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