Looking for cue button replacement parts for prime 4

My cue button is not working good . It is not 100 % responsive

If i press it up on the left side corner is not responding but if i press it down works is my fault but the button in my opition their are not the best because they are plast if it was runber buttons it would be ideal first for our hand pressing a plastic button is not comfortable for our hand and second because they will be more durable because they dont brake and because it absorbs the power if for instance you press to hard.i just want to know if i can find a replacement parts or if I do the replacement by myself is going to cancel my warranty

I have the same issue with my right side CUE button. It mostly works when I press the bottom part of it. If i hit it on top, left side or right side - it doesn’t respond.

Hi, did you find parts?? thanks.