Looking for cool Ableton Link app for buildups with Prime Go

Hi guys, no idea where to post this…

Im looking for a very simple app (iphone) to trigger loops in sync with my Denon Go. I tested with Ableton Live and thr Link thing works really well…

Any ideas? I just want to trigger buildups for Melodic Techno, maybe some acapellas…

Mixvibes have RemixLive which I like and there’s also another similar based on the Novation Launchpad.

There is a page on the Ableton Link website that lists all apps that use it. You can then filter by OS used.

I notice a lot of lag on my 2018 iPad with Link though. You may not.

Go to “Link enabled products” then “Filter by platform” to see them all.

Thank, yes i know this page…i did not see the apps you mentioned

thanks for the tip!!

You know the Akai MPC apps? this might work since its from the same company?


My main concern about this is: how can you pre-listen (cue) those samples/loops with the Prime GO, using a single set of headphones?

If you have some answer to my concern, I would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

The limitation is with the Prime Go, as you cannot cue the aux input.

One way around this is to use a two input audio switch to feed your headphones. One input would be from the Go headphone output, and the other (split) from the external sampling/loop device. The output of the switch feeds the headphones.

This would allow you to switch the headphones between Go cue and the external device.

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