"Looking for computer..."

Hey guys,

Couldn’t find anyone else with the same problem as me… When I plug the Prime 4 to my computer it says on the computer that the device has been connected, but on the Prime 4, after rebooting in controller mode, it’s stuck loading with the text “Looking for computer”.

This is my first DJ mixer and I’m new to the mixing game, so there might be something I should know that I’m missing, but if not - what do I do? The unit is updated to version 1.3.2.

It will stay there with that information … Its the normal mode. You will not see more on the screen, if you connect your Prime to the computer. Maybe in the future they will implement something, that is showing on the screen, but at the moment it is the normal behavior of the Prime4 :wink:

Ah! Yeah it feels a bit confusing imo haha, thanks for the info! :smiley:

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Yeah, it is :slight_smile:

At my first time I thought also: “looking for computer … and what now xddd”

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I’m new to the digital mixing side and iv been confused with lots of stuff but as said above it shows “looking for computer” I’m running windows and if you go to eject USB on tool bar it will show you the prime adapter so you know its connected but would be nice in next update for it to simply say its connected on the screen. There’s some good lads on here with a wealth of knowledge and only too happy to help out enjoy learning I know I am