Long time loading up! sc6000 x1850

Hi I’m slowly getting around my new SC6000 x1850 with a hard drive ( [Samsung 850 PRO 1 TB 2.5 inch SATA III Solid State Drive) in deck 1 but i feel it should not take as long as it does to load deck 2 i say loads in 1 minute deck 2 5 mins after pressing every button after 3 mins. I’m sure its down to me but any help will be gratefully received, & thank you up front

Something going wrong mate. I’ve got 2x sc6000m and the second one loads WAAAY faster than that when networked through the mixer.

Maybe check the network cable? Got it all analysed with the engine desktop software?

thanks ill double check the cable, i haven’t got it analysed ill have to look into that as well