Long time Denon user - now mobile!

Ever since the DN2000F MK1 I’ve been a Denon user & fan. Well maybe apart from the 2000F Mk3… they had their er… moments shall we say. I was a club DJ back in the 90s & all the installers selected Denon gear.

I bought a DN2500F for my own use in 1998 & it’s still going today but now I’m a digital mobile DJ playing mostly weddings, but I get to spread my mixing wings doing proms & younger parties - it’s a lot of fun. My first controller was an MC2000 but I grew tired of needing an external mixer to sound good on the mic so I went & got myself an MC6000mk1. Mic problems? What mic problems? Oh you mean if VDJ’s output is too hot you can’t crank the mic channels up enough to compete with the levels? Ah yeah. Well that’s easily solved. Turn VDJ down! :slight_smile:

So I’m happy. Denon seem to be the only company making a controller with everything I need in one neat package - I hope this continues for a long time to come!

See a lot of gear I have used (2000F, 2500F, MC6000mk1). They certainly always tried to meet the mobile DJs wishes as far as I am concerned.

Yeah 2 good mic inputs with EQ and most importantly on/off switches on the main control surface. Lovely output quality.

The echo I could take or leave. Reverb might’ve been more useful but I guess there weren’t enough spare DSP slots.

Being (also) a certified sound engineer, reverb and echo are for singing vocals. If the singer stops singing and starts talking to the audience, the reverb comes of.

Size-wise the 6000 sure packs a lot of punch in a relatively small box.