Logging into another Windows user kills Engine DJ

Hi all, here is another EDJ bug under Windows. I am using Windows 10, latest build:

  1. Start Engine DJ
  2. Log into another Windows user. Alternatively, switch to a different, already logged-in Windows user.
  3. Switch back to the Windows user that runs Engine DJ

After that, Engine DJ is not usable anymore: No waveform, no Play button, etc. The track list is available and tracks seem to get loaded via double-click or drag-and-drop which can be seen from the changing title in the upper left corner, but all other handling of the loaded track is not possible anymore.

And if you reset the audio interface used by Engine in the preferences?

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Hi SlayForMoney, thanks - yes, this seems to be a workaround.

It’s more of a win thing that a engine bug. You can also try this permanent solution:

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