Loading a track from streaming service freezes deck

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this bug and if there are any plans to fix it.

I was subscribed to both Tidal and Beatsource but now only Beatport Link.

The tracks I’ve previously downloaded and played from Tidal/Beatsource Link still show up in my Prime Go library even though I’ve turned both services off in settings.

Unfortunately when I’m playing out this sometimes means I accidentally load one of this tracks, and when I do it effectively locks the deck I load it to with the message downloading track of fetching track information

Obviously the player can’t load the track as I’m no longer subscribed, but I can’t then undo it as the player doesn’t let me load a different track to the deck - it gets stuck on trying to load the track from the streaming service I’m no longer subscribed to

Obviously it’s a huge pain especially if like last night you still have a few hours of the gig to go

The only ways I can find of fixing it are to turn off the unit (not an option during a busy gig) or to use instant doubles and load all new tracks from the point on to the opposite deck. However in 3.3 doing that when this bug is active seems to cause some very weird behaviour (that I’d struggle to describe) with sync

Ideally if the track is not accessible from the original service, the system should try to obtain it from your current service.

I just discovered earlier that this is the way VirtualDJ works. I had a playlist of tracks that I’d created from Tidal, but I’ve since left Tidal.

When I loaded a track, it very briefly showed the "“not available” message then loaded the track. I was quite surprised, so checked the track details and indeed VDJ had swapped to my current provider and loaded from there instead.

Yeah that sounds good! I’m wondering if there’s an easy way of removing all those tracks from my sd card, does anyone know if there’s a specific file or folder I can delete that would remove all the streamed tracks/data without affecting anything else?