Loaded track only shows track name, no artist.

Hello all, I’m a new P4 user running the latest version of Prime Engine DJ software and so far I love this machine, however, I noticed that when I load a track to any deck on the P4 the display only shows the tracks name, not the artist. Is there a way of fixing this? Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hello @marcb Welcome to the forum.

Showing only the title but not the artist is not a bug. It is just made that way, so there is no other way for now.

You can only change in “User Profile/Display - Tracktitle” from Metadata to Filename. When you have named your tracks from your mp3 tags, then it shows also artist & title … But then you have problems with Tidal filenames … because they use numeric filenames instead of artist - title :frowning:

I’m sorry I don’t understand.

So showing only the track name the norm? What if for example I have a track playing on a deck and I want to know the name of the artist/band? Does it mean I have to go back to the library and find it on the playlist? That’s not very practical. Thanks

What happens if you tap and hold on the track name? In library mode it brings up the track info, didn’t know what it does in performance mode.

This question is the reason I finally joined the forum. I upload all my music to iTunes and then import into engine from there. For that reason I like to organize my tracks by standard ‘Song Name/Artist’ but when you do this you only get the track name showing in the deck when its playing. Leaving the original download file tag would give you al the info but then its not as well organized and its does nothing for my OCD! Would be good if there was a solution.

Yes, but this doesn’t apply to a track already loaded into a deck. You could switch the display to show the file names to see more info in a deck (with accordingly named file names). But then, in the lists you will see also just the file names. Mine are named %artist% - %Title%.mp3 and only the selected track scrolls, after a while to show the whole file name. So I would see only the artists in the lists, which would be even worse.

I also think it’s another oddity of the engine that should be fixed.

The ridiculous thing about this is that older firmware did display the artist - and the picture showing this is still on the Denon DJ web site…

As we have often been told by Denon that their employees are DJs, how did anyone think it was acceptable to remove the artist info? :man_shrugging:


I also prefer the way it initially was, so both artist and title.

I also think track info should be accessible by long pressing the title in playback view just like it is now in the library… Still hoping to find this in an update one day