Load track on first hot cue

Just got the Prime 4 recently and was wondering if there is any way to load tracks on the first hot cue so i dont have to tap the hot cue manually after the track is loaded ?


I think too that it would be very useful. But if there is a way to get it, I haven’t found it yet on my P4

Great question, you can utilize “Cue” to act as the first “Hot Cue” and Engine DJ will load the “Cue” as the starting point.

To do this, load a track, drag your marker to a starting point, then press CUE.

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Nice. Thanks for this great tip Anthony. I didn’t know the last cue would save and load from where we had previously set it :grin:. Is this in all prime gear??

I’ve always found myself as habit winding up to the first beat and yet ive never noticed a previous cue to be loaded and ready for me to hit play. I’ll register this for when I’m on the decks next.

Top tips are always welcomed if you have more to share.

Kindest Regards.

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