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Hey I’m trying to livestream using the TRS to trrs cord! I was wondering if you could help me out I’m having trouble on the prime 4 I have no output on the signal! I’m not sure why it seems like the Prime 4 doesn’t have like a preamp out on the master out RCA not sure what’s going on have you had this problem at all or can anybody help me? Or should I start a new thread?

Serato just published an article about live streaming. You might find this most helpful.

I had the same problem. I have a TRS to TRRS cord that I purchased to use my RODE microphone with my phone for better vlogging audio. It works great with my microphone, but when I tried to use the same cord to feed clean audio from my mixer to my phone, the phone would not recognize the audio. To test further, I tried both RCA outs and (for test purpose) headphone out. Nothing.

My assumption is that the phone does not like the low voltage coming from the source (i.e. RCA, Headphone Jack, XLR) and cancels out the in coming signal, however, it works fine with unpowered audio sources (external mics). I may be wrong but it might work if you can somehow attenuate the signal, removing the voltage (power) from the source coming in.


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It’s important to follow the order of connecting. If Serato starts first OBS won’t output audio through the mixer! (At my end anyways)

For streaming from a Serato DJ set up to the world via StreamlabsOBS (SLOBS)

  • Windows 10,

  • Serato DJ,

  • SLOBS (An OBS fork that is free to download)

  • X1800 Prime

  1. Connect X1800 mixer to Laptop (both powered on obviously)

  2. Start SLOBS

  3. Add Audio Input capture device

  4. Select X1800 mixer and channels 9 & 10.

I noticed the selection included 2 copies of each channel pair. I’m assuming this is because it’s a dual sound card mixer. So you will see X1800 2 (9 & 10), X1800 3 (9 & 10). It’s the same for all the other channels.

  1. You can check if sound is coming to OBS by using a noise effect or mic check

  2. Then start Serato DJ Pro.

  3. Play music, if it’s connected and sound is not coming from the mixer, toggle the USB select on the mixer eg if you are on USB 1 toggle to USB 2 or vice versa. Or back and forth.

  4. Still trying to figure out the appropriate identity of the X1800 two sound cards. I’m not sure if USB 1 is 2 or 3.

Also hoping it will be same set up on Mac

In summary, *any respectable dual sound card mixer should be able to run serato and feed OBS simultaneously.

No need to use an extra audio interface.

Its is at RECORD OUT level, so the mixers Master knob will not affect the streaming audio, just the trims, eqs and faders.




Found a plug in that may be helpful

There’s no equivalent plug in for Mac in OBS but there it a third party paid software one could use Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing