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Hello, I’m owner of 2 sc5000. I will trail to explain my issue… (sorry for my english). First of all, everything is okay when the sync button is engaged (one clock). But when the sync is off and if I put the two sc5000 at (let say) 124 bpm, one is a little little faster than the second… I mean, the beatmatch is ok for around 30 sec, then, a little phase begin and it grown more and more with time… (like one is at 124 and the second is at 124.001…) So I presume that one of the two clock is faster thand the other… And it’s alway the same one… Result: without the sync on, I can’t make a correct mix without manually correct the speed every 15 sec… Very boring… I come from the vinyls and I don’t like to use the sync button, but I have no choice! Denon can fix it??? I just want to align my two sc5000 clocks… Thank you! Hervé, Geneva.


For me that’s normal behaviour, on any digital player, Pioneer, Denon or any other brand. Even if both tracks are “theorically” at the same BPM and at 0% pitch, there may be small variations on the real BPM, as one may be 123.98 ant the other one at 124.01 and still show the same 124 bpm reading. if both tracks are pitched up or down then you may have even more variation than this, as keylock algorithms, pitch fader resolution, and other digital calculations are involved. Compared to other players (CDJ2000 as an example), I find that the SC5000’s have very good pitch precision. Of course you should select the perfect pitch range for your style of music (4%, 8% etc.) . On lower pitch ranges you have much more precision.

Hello Rcatelli, I’m not sure I already found this issue on CDJ. But maybe… I will trail to set the pitch range lower. But thank you for your message… Bye!

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Just got my sc5000m’s and am having the same problem. Just upgraded from a pioneer ddj 1000 controller and the accuracy is rubbish. Thought it was perhaps the engine prime software so I have paid for and installed serato to see if this helps. Nope. Same problem. Tracks just seem to drift out of sync and making fine adjustments on the vinyl platter is near impossible. Slowing the platter to nudge a track back is no problem but trying to go the other way is horrendous and I can’t seem to make a fine adjustment without messing it up and sending it way forwards. Kind of wishing I stuck with my old setup and saved myself a couple of grand.

CDJ, media players are not a controler. Beatmaching is part of a DJ job, no?

Thanks for the good advice man. I’ve owned a paid of 1210’s since the late 1990’s so beat matching not really the issue. Only got the ddj 1000 as my mixer packed in and it seemed like a good opportunity to try digital given I was in the market for a new mixer and I could run my decks through it as well. Perhaps I just need some time to get used to the vinyl platter but having tried the two, the job wheels on the DDJ 1000 and the accuracy of the bmp counter runs rings round the denon.

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Yes I understand your point…but if you compare a DDJ1000 to a CDJ2000NXS, in this case too, it will “drift” much more than the DDJ. Any controler runs all channels out of the computer, so if you set the BPM to say 122 on all channels, it will stay forever at 122. Separate players are not always the same, as pitch precision is lower and it runs on separate hardware. In my opinion, the 5000’s jog wheels and pitch are very precise!

Be sure to have the latest 1.4 firmware installed!!

Only had them a week so downloaded the 1.4 update before I even had a play on them. The drift doesn’t bother me too much as I have to handle that when using vinyl however some tracks seem to drift way more quclky on the sc5000 than others so it is clearly the bpm analysis in the prime software that is incorrect. Have to have some tracks running at a difference of 2bmp to get them to beat match. Whats really bugging me is how difficult it is to nudge a track forward whilst in the mix to correct the drift. Easy to make a fine adjustment using a 12" vinyl as well as the jog wheel on the ddj, not so with the denon which is frustrating as I thought upgrading my gear was a step forward.

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Yeap, may really be a problem on your music genre…as I play only eletronic music, bpm and grids are almost perfect, so no grimmes on engine prime, at least for me You have dificulties with both the motor on and off?

Maybe check a few things:

That you have the pitch range the lowest setting at that moment you can get away with and still reach the needed pitch. You might want to set the pitch buttons to range instead of bend in the preferences/utility to make switching range easier.

Try to pay more attention to the tempo/pitch readouts on screen to notice if this drifting is coinciding with the furthest-right digits fluctuating when you’re not touching the pitch fader.

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