Linking ableton with prime 2 via ableton link help

Hello everybody,

I want to connect my prime 2 so whenever I change the tempo on the slider, ableton itself will follow the tempo change. I am connected to the same network wirelessly and I am linking correctly according to the instructions in the videos I have watched from engine os on youtube. I want to be able to control the tempo and link my prime 2 and ableton so I can use my push 2 and do some awesome live performing while djing at the same time. I have also messed with some of the settings in the preferences in ableton but no luck.

My set up: I am routing my prime 2 to my duet and my duet connects to my macbook. In ableton, I just arm record an audio track and get the audio that way from my prime 2 into ableton.

Any help would be appreciated

Hey @Carrancho - Happy to help. Are both of your devices on the same WiFi network?

Yes they are!

Hey @Carrancho - Have you been able to successfully connect the Push 2 with your Prime 2 without the Duet connected?

Just to be sure: You know that you need to turn on the Sync Button on your Prime to get synced via ableton link?

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Also you got turn on quantize and set beat sync.

Yes i have done that and nothing

I did turn it on but same thing nothing. When I change the BPM on the fader on the prime the bpm on ableton doesnt follow

I have not but i cant do that because that wont work for my set up since I want to hear audio from both out of my speakers. Any recommendations?

Are you able to use ableton link on the Prime2 with another software other than Ableton? Eg serato or Traktor