Linked players problem in files of directory

before 1 hour rthe player has linked pendrive dont show files corrrectly in the folder has files.


Drive 1 has attached usb whith 3 Folders :

Folder A , has tracks : a_track_1 , a_track_2 , a_track3 Folder B , has tracks : b_track_1 , b_track_2 , b_track3 Folder C , has tracks : c_track_1 , c_track_2 , c_track3

The Second Drive , link from Drive 1 and when mark the Folder B, this show the files of A

This occurrs with 2 drives…helpme!!!

Firmware Update ?

Gonzalo Silva P. aka Gos

This is also an issue I have just started noticing. It doesn’t happen every time.