Link two SC6000 with Tidal via ethernetcable

Hi there, i switchted from Pioneer to the Denon SC 6000. I can‘t connect/link Tidal from player one to player two. The LAN /Ethernetcable is connected and Wifi works. The Mixer Djm 9000NXS2 is not connected via ethernet. If I press the Tidal Button at player two, there comes the message to use the displayed code in a browser. Tidal doesn‘t accept this code. On player one it worked by the first time by using the code. Do i need a second Tidal Account for player two or a ethernet-switchbox? I‘m working with the free trial subscription that comes with the Denon players.

Thank you for supporting me

Regards from Cologne

  1. You should get two different codes on the 6000.

  2. connect the 6000 (both) to wifi.

  3. try again.


If you are not using wifi yes you need a switch

On both players right

Restart the unit if you are sure its connected to wifi

Hi Mufasa,

thank you for your response. I try again later and give you feedback.

Regards from Cologne


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