Link Together SC6000 & CDJ 3000

Hello is it possible to link together a SC6000 and a CDJ 3000 and use them with a Rekordbox stick ? Thks

No, unfortunately

Thks , I managed to link my 3 SC6000 with a rekordbox stick with the loop and the Hotcue and I would have liked to add a Pioneer CDJ !

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Pioneer does not allow to use any other gear with cdj’s than their own.

In a way….

Make yourself a copy of the usb stick - one stick in the pioneer and one in the prime

Both machines will read the usb stick and the rekordbix data

But their only “link” as such will be that they both have audio cables going into a mixer somewhere

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There is a way to bpm sync them via ableton link and some pioneer dj link hacks, but that needs a computer in between… Somewhere I read about hacking in to pioneer dj link… But I would not suggest that, as this can be unreliable in stage situations… In other words - the risk is 100% on You if something goes wrong.


Pasha has the solution.

Although both devices can physically use an Ethernet cable, the “link” is dependent upon the data protocols used over that cable. They are not the same. But a second USB stick is cheap.


Simply Thanks

Regardless if the usb Key was on the Pioneer or on the Denon or if i use a ethernet switch ?

USB data is not shared cross platforms. So If You will use Your usb stick in pioneer - denon will not see it if You are on the same network. Same goes the other way and also the sync between units. Pioneer uses totally different protocols…

You can use tools like this to do proper sync protocol alignment though.