Link and TX/RX lights on Ethernet interface not working

Hi, I have owned my SC5000 units for about 3 months and while playing with the decks on a table and standing round the back, I noticed that on one of the two players, the green link and yellow TX/RX lights were not lit while networked. The other deck displayed those lights fine.

Checked the Ethernet cable and swapped it between the decks but this doesn’t make a difference.

Should note that the deck with the dead LED’s doesn’t have an issue with network connectivity, just seems the LED’s are non-functional.

Has this been encountered before?

Many thanks,

Bad quality control at the factory, contact support to get them replaced.

Hi @crimsonsimon, sorry to hear you are having this problem. I’m checking with the team on best next steps.

Thanks J

Hi Jay, thanks for the response. I look forward to hearing back regarding the next steps.

Many thanks,