Line Fader Issue Channel 2

Hey Guys,

it wont stop :frowning: Yesterday i hade a huge problem with the line fader channel 2. the fader was at the top and the music was nearly gone. i hope you know what i mean. Wobble the fader has brought almost nothing. it looks like the fader is faulty. thats not good! i used the controller about 5 times and now something like that. not normal… Fortunately I have a guarantee. Let’s see what happens next. Someone a similar problem???


Just to be sure, did the sound ever come back (like after rebooting the unit)?

I had this problem once with my MC6000 during a gig. I went ape, trying to figure out what went wrong. Luckily I had two media-players hooked up, so fired one of those off. Took be about a minute and a half to realize I wasn’t getting any cue sound in my headphones for that channel either, which pretty much eliminated the fader. Started to run down all the channel buttons and sure enough - must have brushed the filter knob as it was set to almost max (full kill). Turned it to 12 o’clock and presto!

Having DJ-ed for over 30 years at that point on anything from broomsticks to the kitchen sink, I was still caught out by this one.

Just a thought.