Limiter, or adjust track volume

Hello to all of you,

I usually DJ with a DVS system or sometimes with a record. Therefore I am already used to listen to my hearing. However, I noticed that there is no limiter or no track volume adjustment in the engine or my Primen 2.

In my DVS system runs in Traktor a kind of limiter with the at least prevents the overdrive in a certain range and also automatically adjusts the volume of the individual tracks something.

However, especially with such devices as the Prime 2 or 4 such a function would be very useful, especially if that happens as with Traktor already in the analysis (a bit)

and everyone who now says this would not work well has not tested it (but it should be said that it only covers a minimum range, but this is already enough).

Since I have found neither setting in the engine nor on the controller I thought I ask here if there is perhaps yet or if it is perhaps planned as an improvement?

And yes I have today the whole day in the forum beitrage on the subject from 2018 etc. read these were not helpful (one would even approached …)

So to summarize again

Is or is there some kind of limiter or volume adjustment of each track analyzed by software in volume to the same level?

If not, maybe for the future? If yes how is it :wink: best regards Marcel

If i read you correctly. You want all your tracks normalised. Try platinum notes it does a brilliant non destructive job of normalising or equalising (depends which fence you sit on) to a db that you have control over

Yes I know this program. But unfortunately that does not answer my question.

The 1 question was: is there the function either in the engine or on the controller itself. According to your answer you can answer this with a clear no.

The 2 question was: if the function does not exist would you include it as an improvement suggestion (I guess this is not wanted).

Don’t get me wrong, but I can safely say that the function (normalize) works very well in Traktor-dj and Serato-dj. And if I had to bet, I’m sure rekoderbox works with it too, but Denon says no to that, right?

Errrr yup something like that buddy

@djmaw Maybe you are asking this: LINK

Thanks, that’s exactly that. I must have overlooked it. I’m closing my request

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