Lightshow export issue

hi guys, got some interesting engine lighting issues going on, I’m running Ventura on my MacBook Pro and engine 2.4 on both my prime 4 & MacBook. trying to export soundswitch, it dosen’t export scripted track files correctly, it seems to either not write them correctly to the drive or keeps deleting them as soon as it writes them. I found dragging and dropping the project file onto the prime 4 drive as a workaround for now.

I also have another issue, I have 2 equinox helix 150, both work correctly when connected to the MacBook, but as soon as I upload the lightshow to the prime 4, one dosen’t pulse to the scripted tracks or work via the intensity slider, it also causes the mini dongle to overheat, my initial thought was faulty light, but it works ok connected to the MacBook.