Light show crashes by channel fade down

I use prime 4 with engine lightning. Normally the brightness of the lights reacts to the faders. If I do that to myself and fade less then 75%, the light goes out. When I fade back to 100%, the lights stay off. Only a restart of the engine lightning brings light again. Really annoying, especially by talking. Does anyone else have this problem? What is the remedy?

oh i found another thread with same problem. My channel faders 3 and 4 stay at 100%. so overwrite the play fader 1 or 2. But why? My Settings are fader 1 and 2 incl. crossfader. Why does react Engine Lightning to Fader 3 and 4.

There is an option in Engine Lighting to turn off light output on fader 3 & 4 if they aren’t used so they don’t react to line-in audio. This means you can have those faders at the 100% and they don’t override the output.

It may be annoying but it is logical how it works as the mixer is sending MIDI data all the time, regardless of the line-in setting. That’s why there is an option to disable MIDI for lighting for channels on external sources.

Maybe you want to drop this info in the other thread too to help them out too.