Light ring around jog wheels not turning white

I noticed that on my unit, the light ring around the jog wheels is not turning white while their respective faders are all the way down. This is affecting all of the decks. The ring does turn white whenever I physically touch the platter just not when the fader is completely down and no music is playing.

Are the players correctly connected to the LAN hub on the X1800 mixer, that is: according to the instructions in the manual?

Prime4 mate! :wink:

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Yes, this is on my prime 4 unit. I thought that the light ring on the platter was suppose to turn white when the fader is all the way down or am I confused and that setting is not on the prime 4?

Press and hold VIEW -> Preferences -> Display -> On Air Mode should be ON and your good to go with this indicator

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Yep that was it. Thank you, I think I’m just really dumb that I couldn’t figure that out…

Great to hear you got it up and running. And no worries and not dumb… it’s quite a hefty dose of features and settings all together when you first get the unit. If you have further questions down the line, do not hesitate to ask

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