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and best wishes to all and above all good health in this difficult period. I used my prime 4 alone until now and in the evening I will continue but for home I wanted to test serato with to be able to use my 1210mk2 in timecode for the moment I use the phono mode with vinyls. Everything works wonderfully and to use the timecode I did with my traktor v3 and an audio 10 rekier on the kine inputs 3 and 4 and it also works very well, the deck 1 and 2 remains dedicated to prime engine. To try to simplify the configuration I would have deleted audio 10 and use the serato license of the prime 4 by buying the vynil timecode and the dvs pack but when I look at my serato account I only see a product activated in full license is the Wolf pack, serato dj pro is not activated but works anyway but I have the impression that I am missing options like the view with 3 windows for the phase in the center and I have not the button for different views, after I use my mac just linked to my serato account but not the prime 4 connected, maybe that’s why? because as I do not know serato I already wanted to test on my mac in standalone but it seems limited. At home with your prime 4 as a serato license in serato products you only have the wolf pack or also serato dj pro?

Another question also I quickly tried serato connects to the p4 but on the denon screen I do not see a search function for the tracks is it normal? So you have to search through the collection or with the mac not super cool if that’s it otherwise I will go see vfj which seems quite integrated with the premium 4 but still a financial addition in this rather limited period of work

thank you for reading me and you are well thank you Denon for this product just an integrated DVS and I will be in heaven

What’s up @madmax,

If I’m understanding correctly, your questions are about using Serato DVS and screen functionality while using Serato.

  • DVS is a paid upgrade for use with the Prime 4 ($99 U.S. for DVS upgrade through Serato).

  • Serato Mode screen functionality is quite limited. As I’m sure you are, I’m quite disappointed with the implementation as the information provided on screen is very limited. VDJ’s implementation is far better.

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the prime4 “unlocks” serato dj pro. the prime4 is the license. you will not see a separate serato dj licence in your serato account.

as long as the prime4 is connected you can use serato dj in controller mode.

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Serato is 100 years behind civilization with software for Prime devices. I do not recommend.

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ok many thanks for yours answers

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key to the pad is nice may also have to buy the pitch n time in addition to the dvs so given the limited screen it’s expensive for not much more and traktor with audio 10 for the dvs and the prime in standalone is really very good, I must try to activate ableton link on the traktor and on the prime to see if it communicates well,

after the stems in vdj are a plus and there are also the keycue and the timecode so it could be a great all-in-one solution to see if not too many bugs, I was able to test quickly with a vdj friend with the prime and I found a level problem and the view-meters seem to panic with a poor line level, to see if it comes from a problem of adjustment, after the vdj videos with a sc5000 are valued at the top the integration is successful on these devices I find, What do you use? because serato is free but without option not terrible so to pay as much to go on vdj and be able to enjoy the 1210 mk2 in addition, but hey an integrated dvs mode would still be great just for ranes twelves as they did for the lc 6000 but I prefer the ranes and I think that it will be done finally I hope because it would replace all the dvs systems with the same feeling as a vinyl but still not test these rane just videos and for me who am nomads for benefits so just the p4 and after for me ranes (or 1210 dvs if it is done) with the p4 as a mixer would be the ultimate config because even if I think that a sc6000m is really top the budget exploded in these times of shortages of benefits

thank you anyway for your info about serato that’s what I understood but as I come from the native instrument world I was not at all familiar with serato and vdj