Library transfer

Hello, I searched for this topic but all I’ve found are old one so I try to ask again.

Situation: old laptop with my music on, engine dj installed (just updated to 4.0), all music analyzed with cue points etc etc. My laptop space is running out and I want to transfer all my library on a brand new SSD (sandisk extreme pro 2TB) where I will add more music. I’ll use engine dj desktop app on a brand new laptop (it’s the laptop where I also produce so i don’t want music files there).

Is there a way to do a clean transfer of my library on the new ssd? thank you

Hi Giamma,

while I do not have a good workflow to offer for this situation, I suggest that you backup your files first, whatever you do … the SanDisk extreme pro have a bad reputation of sudden failures due to a manufacturing or design flaw, at least some models. I have switched to using two SSD drives from Samsung, one as a primary drive for music, the other as a mirror … plus I was bored of the SanDisk drives constantly auto-unmounting in weird ways. :roll_eyes:

On a knowledge base page Denon DJ describe how to move the library to another computer:

And here is a forum post about how to move the Engine library to a bigger / different drive:

Maybe you can first move your music collection to the external drive on your old system and then migrate the library to the new system. Please, make a backup before any of this. As DjAj writes:

Moving music with EDJ is always a risk.

If this works for you (or if it does not) or if you find another, better solution, please leave a note on the forum, so that other people may find it later. I hope that this helps you!