Library Pimping Tools

I’m always looking for automated ways to optimise my library. I still do my management in Serato DJ and sync to Engine. I guess many people still use whatever they were on prior to investing in Engine.

Came across a subscription based web tool and app called Rekordcloud.

With it I was able to do the following

  1. Careful removal of duplicates. I was able to reclaim about 20gigs of disk space.

  2. It links with Apple Music charts and Spotify (in the last week or so). Scans my local serato library and makes a crate for me using a Spotify playlist i select. I think mobile djs requesting playlists from clients may find this very helpful. It automates this and you just have to download the ones you dont have.

  3. It has Spleeter baked in for making Acapellas and Instrumentals. I get mixed results with this, some tracks come out better than others but same applies to every splitting program using commercial releases.

  4. The developer is responsive and will add extra requested goodness with the quickness. I asked him about Spotify support a week ago and it is now baked in.

  5. I also did some Batch tagging eg changing genre Hip-Hop to Hip Hop etc

It has other stuff like automatic cue point generator, library conversion (no engine support and not in his roadmap) etc which i don’t use.

Thought I’d share.

Someone may find it useful.

Stay Well, Keep Spinnin’


Sounds good - thanks for sharing - will it find the year of release for tracks and tag them accordingly?

I think automated tagging is the roadmap. Best to fire the dev an email via the quick chat thing on the web app. Everyone will have unique requests i suppose.

I found the app as my library was infested with duplicates and i got tired of manually weeding them out.