"Library corrupt" message

Hello folk! Just updated to Engine DJ from engine prime 1.6 but now when I try to load track into deck I get a message that the library is corrupt and i should contact support anyone else had this problem ?

same problem overe here

I ended up rolling back to 1.6 version for now hope they work out these issues soon

POSTED 10/25:

Just had this issued today! Not happy about this at all! I had an old USB stick plugged into my laptop while I was updating my existing external SSD that houses my main Engine Library. I used Sync Manager to syncronize additional music and edits that I added. At the end of the Sync I got the corrupt library message. Although it wasn’t in use, Engine DJ didn’t like the old USB stick being plugged in while peforming a Sync.

This shouldn’t happen. Need to know how to fix this. Huge problem.

UPDATE 10/26:

I keep a duplicate library configuration in Serato. I had to REBUILD my Engine DJ library from my Serato library. Thank the universe that I had Serato as a back up. If Engine DJ was my only library source this would have been a total disaster! Again, this really needs to be addressed.

Hi All,

Engine DJ v2.0.2 has just been released, which addresses the database corruption issues that some people experienced after updating to Engine DJ 2.0. Please download this version and try updating your 1.x drives again.



You guys ROCK!

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Hi. I just updated from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. It seemed to be working fine, then Engine DJ started randomly crashing. The last crash appears to have corrupted my database. This is the first time I’ve ever had a corrupt database error in the last year and a half. I’m restoring from backup, and doing a clean install of 2.0.2. Getting sloppy, devs!

didn’t help the issue, Updated to 2.1 and still cant access my partition and keep getting library corrupt message , It works on 1.6 but not on the newer versions

So I did a backup today after analysing all the tracks for a weeding tomorrow, went to export to my prime 4, engine crashed, closed and then showed the corrupt database. It erased ALL tracks from my ssd. When I tried to restore with the backup from today no tracks were there. Help?? I’m trying to rebuild the library folder by folder but it is taking way too long and I also need to export it

Hello @Ruben_Pereira Welcome to the forum, nice to see You here.

First let’s try to understand the situation a bit.

You have Your main collection of tracks on a computer drive? Did You do sync or just drag and drop inside engine?


thanks to begin with! I have all of my tracks on my computer drive. I synced playlists from traktor when I bought my prime 4 but from then on I updated everything through engine. Yesterday I eventually had to upload everything again, folder by folder but I’m going to have to do a cleanup again since I didn’t have time before having 4 weddings this long weekend

Ok, so according to what You say, that engine dj didn’t sync correctly the files to the drive, right?

If You used the sync manager, You need to have selected all things that are needed to be on the drive, otherwise it will delete what is not selected.