Lexicon - Advanced multi DJ app library manager with full Engine DJ support!

Nobody asked it for to be free. its about the price/value ratio. And in this case its ridicioulous.


…It’s relative ….

If you’re doing regular paid DJ work, at profitable gigs, rather than working free or for beer or exposure then £13 for Lexicon is practically paid for each month in just a fraction of a gig at a venue.

And well, if you’re doing all day weddings, the pro version of Lexicon is paid for fully in the first few mins ….

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it doesnt matter that its paid in first minutes. The Value for what it can do for the price is horrible. since when value of something is rated by how fast you can pay it? and its “first minutes” then every month and not one time…

Its fine. we dont need to discuss it further. everybody is free in his decisions. Same for the company as for the users. So if they think thats the concpet for success - good luck.

Every day a stupid wakes up. I go for Mixon where i feel treated fair. And hopefully Denon comes soon with its own library App. Remote library is already there.

We will see in 2-3 years who has which market position. its easy to see if a company was just created to generate margin or if it was created to the benefit for the user.

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Well it sorta is… if your DJing endeavours bring in a good wage then £13 per month is peanuts, tax deductible as a business expense and insignificant if it’s of benefit.

The other consideration is that if people use lexicon DJ to convert their library from whatever they were using previously, over to Engine, then they’ll only need to subscribe to lexicon DJ for 1 month, then cancel as the conversion will have been done

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your argument is a bit like: well i sell some eggs to my neighbour for 50 Dollar for a sixpack instead of 1 cause he is rich and can afford it. and cmon he pays them in 30 minutes of work but he can eat a whole week from it…

and ofc nobody is stopping you to buy it. if you are happy with it im happy for you.

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No. The point is, some people think everything should be free . Sometimes it isn’t. If there’s a chargeable way of doing something automatically but it’s chargeable and it’s more than a particular person cares to pay then doing it manually is a possible workaround.

It’s like, if you don’t want to stump up 40 bucks for a taxi, walk

From my ‚neutral‘ standpoint (I have no personal need for this app) the price tag indeed seems pretty ambitous and I certainly wouldn‘t pay it. It also got even higher over time. I believe it was $15 and now it‘s $17 which is over $200 per year - for a (mostly) library management app. Sophisticated creative workhorses like the Affinity suite, Procreate, DjayPro or even Logic for iPad cost far less.

But we live in a free market and everyone can decide for their own. For certain DJs this app is certainly helpful and thus worth the spendings. The issue lies in the lack of more alternatives. Afaik there is just DJCU for a one-time $25 and it‘s Mac-only.


there is Mixo! doesnt look so bad!

What is “Mixon”. If I google it I can only find results for the Reloop hardware.

Assume they meant Mixo https://www.mixo.dj/

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Thank you. I’ll look into that

correct - my bad.

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Anyone uaing mixo? Wondering how it stacks up against the others.

I’ve played around with it; it’s alright, but doesn’t feel as slick as Lexicon. If you just need to convert your library to Rekordbox for a gig it would probably do the job for half the price (disclaimer: I haven’t tested this!)

My main use case was mobile library management which is a little lacklustre

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for making the software. I had a sub, but didn’t have the time so let it laps. I liked its look but my use was very superficial. I will return :slight_smile:

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