Let us tinker with it!

Hi, im an IT professional by day who cant resist tinkering with electronics.

I bought your product because i see denon dj as forward thinking and inovative company.

Since the is nearing its end of life im interested in getting as much information about the inner workings of this product as possible.

Can you provide me with the as much infos about hardware specifications, plans and data as you legaly can and are willing?

Would it be possible to make parts of the firmware or the SDK open source (or point to it if its ownd by a different entety)?

Every bit would help me helping you not only giving your product a new lease of life but also giving denon dj the image of comunity orientented, open company that embraces what drives you and your customers: beeing creative with technology.

Thank you for your products and your help


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I have also requested that the firmware be made open source in the end is the old engine version that has nothing to do with prime, I have also requested the schemes but we hope nothing together achieve something

luck and regards

Hi, i know that making something open source isnt a small task with all the rights and patents that have to be checked.

Even with the “new” software team denon isnt a software company and my opinion is that at least open APIs ans standards could give the company an huge advantage. Just think about the quality and featureset large groups of skilled coders could achive (e.g. the team around “mixxx”) if they adopted the mcx8000 or even the prime series as their “pet”/reference device. I know that the dj comunity is surprisingly focused on specific solutions. im involved in organizing large events as a hobby (we are talking 20k+ people) and the djs always request panasonic gear and recordbox & serato. I would like to help changing that with functions ans stability only open source software can bring. THeres a reason servers mostly run linux. :slight_smile:

I’m the sole user (also IT pro!) that convinced the dev team to Beta the new firmwares. I have been wanting all of this info since prior to the release of the Prime4! Now that the 8000 is no longer being actively developed for I’m hoping maybe the firmware will be released so bugfixes/improvements can be made!!!

Oh my, all by yourself eh? Very impressive, the incredible power you must wield.


And modest with it.

The dev team wouldn’t jump to one outside persons beckon call


It’s still a current product and firmware is being updated as we speak. If it was 10 years old I could understand…


Ive read on this forum that it is not?

Theres a beta program for a new version going on.

Making things opensource would boost compatibility with software and even spawn new things and thus sales.

Like mutant DIY coding ruining performances and the brand name on the outside getting the blame, instead of the coding errors on the inside.

I’m not pointing a bad coding finger at anyone in this post line , just pointing out the possible

My mate had a single midi control deck which he wrote extra midi code for so that every LED state’s on at full bright all the time . A month later none of the LEDs would light either in midi or standard alone mode, he’s over stressed some power driver on the main pcboard

Hmm, so its a bad thing the mcx8000 supports midi?

DJ Controllers are computers and we happily life with them having software by all sorts of people on them.

In other news: I made some pictures of the inside of my mcx8000 (will post more in the coming days) https://staticweb.52k.de/images/mcx8000/

If someone wants to stitch a large picture together where all ICs are identifiable…

I disassembled the controller future and found my broken play button pad. (Where to find replacements in the eu? i doubt glueing will hold for long)

“engine” board

SOC: http://www.ti.com/product/OMAP-L138

Memory single Samsung K4T1G164QG-BCE7 http://www.sun-flytech.com/images/pdf/2015041415800.pdf

“Main Board”

SOC: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/DSP56724EC.pdf

RAM: EM63A165TS-6G http://www.etron.com/manager/uploads/EM63A165TS_v1.4.pdf

Signal Processor: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/sprs853d/sprs853d.pdf

I will upload more pics of as soon as i put everything back together.

Maybe here you can find parts, not sure.


Thank you. No luck as it seems.

That’s to bad I know two Dj’s in Puerto Rico that need the play button.

we could make a seperate thread out of that and maybe come up with a solution. I was thinking of reataching and stiffening the part maybe using something 3d printed.

3d printed sounds a very good idea. Where I work they just bought a 3d printer. For know they are just toying around with it making engine parts as demo ( I work in a auto mechanic school)

I started a dedicated topic for Button problems here: