Let Engine control Abelton Link Tempo (Not resolume)

How can I set the tempo of Abelton Sync to follow the new track I play? Now it is locked to the resolume tempo since that has been played the longest.

So if I load in a new track and would like to sync to that tracks tempo not the new track to be locked to the old tempo.

Is that possible? Or do I need to change the tempo i Resolume since that will have played the longest?

The best would be to have my Prime Go as Leader (master) and Resolume as Follower (slave). Is that possible to set up?

I am not 100 percent sure what you mean, but try to start Ableton link first on your prime go than in Resolume.

Any device can change the tempo

When the new device joins it will sync to the link session tempo.

Then either device can change tempo