Left platter screen is not working

Hey everyone,

After I have fired up my Prime 4, left platter screen stopped working after I have loaded a music onto it. Now it just won’t do anything, even if I reboot the controller. The right one is working perfectly. Do you have any suggestions?

EDIT: After like 10 reboots it came back to life, had a bit of fun with it and it was working as it should.

It happened to me when I installed my ssd hard drive for the 1st time. When I ejected the hard drive from my computer and pressed the Stand Alone button a screen came up that said, Updating. On the bottom it said Updating Prime 4 Left Display (rescue) to 00.33. After that it went blank for a few seconds then it came up like normal.

Hi @nembe, sorry to hear this. Please contact where you purchased it from if this happens again and they will replace. If you have any problems just PM me and I’ll help you get this sorted.

Thanks J

For me, the display in the right jog does not work, what to do video-1562506720.mp4 (900.5 KB)

Did you ever get an answer to this as I have new Prime 4 and have same issue. If there is something I can do to avoid sending back may be worth trying