Left Jog Wheel Input is Reversed

I’ve had a Sc Live 4 for a few months, All firmware and software is up to date. The left jog wheel became temporarily unresponsive, so I rebooted the system, now the jog wheel input is reversed, you can see the center display marker and time going in the opposite direction of my input. Am I missing something? the right one is fine. I’ve tried reinstalling firmware, but not a system restore> Anyone come across this?

Foil still on the platter?

So when You turn the jog wheel forward, the music goes backwards?

No, I removed it.

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Yes, moving the plotter forward causes the music to go backwards and moving the platter backwards causes the music to go forwards. The input is reversed.

1.) Do the factory reset 2.) Re-install the latest firmware but using a laptop and the supplied usb cable 3.) Denon service

I’ve decided to just return it and go with another brand. I won’t deal with RMA or repairs. This was my first Denon product and I’ve been consistently disappointed with it from my purchase.

What other issues have you had with it?

Surely trying the first couple of steps suggested above is worth a go before you return?