LEDs in VU-meter

So, a first thing happend to me yesterday while on gig.

The first LED on the channels lid up, and I didnt have any music playing on those channels. (only the first LED)

Channel 1 - no music loaded. (1 Green LED) Channel 2 - music playing in my headphones Channel 3 - music playing on the dancefloor Channel 4 - no music loaded. (1 Green LED)

And the same occured on the other channels when the music was paused.

Some times the LED turned off, but came back on again from time to time. (only one LED)

And yes, it was properly grounded…

Any ideas?

An active FX perhaps? Echoing away still. You seem to have BPM FX active on all channels.

Yeah, but the effect was not active. First thing I checked. :thinking:

Ground loop issue or 60 cycle hum?

Good question - have never had this issue at home, but today when I turned it on, it did the same again, but only on channels 1, 2 and 4… On second power-on it stopped. (at home)

Must add that the setup has been in a flight since day 1, and the cables has never been in and out.

Funny thing - this happened exactly 2 months after the 2 years guarantee periode. On the date