Lead Sync / Sync help needed…

Hi there,

Firmware 2.1.1

I can’t find the answer to the following question so would be grateful for some advice. Will try and keep it simple…

  1. Play Deck 1. This becomes Lead Deck.
  2. Press Sync on Deck 1.
  3. Press Sync on Deck 2 and then play.

Deck 2 is now synced to deck 1 but after a while the Sync button on deck 2 starts flashing. Is that normal?

Do I have to keep pressing the Sync button to keep tracks in sync?

And then, when I stop Deck 1 and Deck 2 becomes the Lead do I have to press Sync on Deck 1 if I want it synced to the playing Deck 2?

I would have thought there must be some way of syncing both decks permanently if that was desired?

Your thoughts please…


it should stay locked in except you manipulate the jog or do something to knock deck 2 out of beat sync.

point of reference

  • solid sync = beat and tempo sync
  • flashing sync = tempo only in sync

i have seen some reports of sync not staying locked-in with some of the all-in-ones/capacitive jog units though

Just a thought; Are you playing so loud that the sound nudge the platters. Not sure if this is possible.

Ran into this same issue myself over the weekend. Could only get the decks to lock after pressing the sync button multiple times on the non-lead deck and eventually would go out of sync again. This happened on both decks, but would only seem to happen on the non-lead deck. Because of this, and several other nitpicky things that I personally don’t like about the 2.X.X firmware (i.e. NOT a fan of the new GUI/menu layout) I ended up reverting all four of my decks back to the 1.6.2 firmware as sync was solid on that one and I feel that the menus are much more user friendly. Just my thoughts :slight_smile: