Lead Sync question…

Hi there,

Can someone point me in the direction of some info on this Master Sync change that has come with Engine DJ 2.0?

Am I supposed to see the boxes on my screen (I don’t) or is it an option?

What is it and how does it work?

I can’t find any information online, on this forum or in the manual.


Master and slave are terms no longer being used.

A track will show as “Lead sync” (a box pops up on the screen of the “lead sync” track with those two words in it)

Other tracks you play will then automatically follow that “lead sync” track, if you use sync feature, that is.

I meant Lead Sync. My mistake.

I don’t see any boxes on the screen though if I press Sync on a track.

Should I?

Lead is master. It will appear only on the tracks that use flexi grids or when multiple layers are used. This is also master for the track that is synced to it. Click master on one deck, and sync on the other. Should be there…

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