LC6000 with Engine DJ Desktop?

Having established recently that owning a compact DN-SC2000 does not help you in adding control decks to your Prime 4 nor with adding a control surface to your Engine DJ Desktop (which is so much more preferable to using mouse and keyboard), I decided to go and get myself a shiny, almost new, LC6000. Primarily to add to my Prime 4 setup (in practice situations I really like the big jogs, and while I don’t need 4-deck control, having 3-deck control is a bonus in live mobile DJ situations), but also with the idea of using the LC6000 as a desktop control surface (albeit is a huge one compared to the SC2000 :slight_smile:).

However, there does not seem to be an option to establish a connection between Engine DJ Desktop and the LC6000.

So, effectively you can use this DENON controller with just about any DJ software (Serato, Virtual DJ, DJay Pro, etc.), but not with Denon’s own Engine DJ software.

Am I totally mistaken and not doing the right things to get this setup working? Or is it just not possible? If the latter is the case, I’d say that is a bit of an odd situation.

While I love my Prime 4, even it’s decent 10" or so screen can’t hold a candle to my 34" Ultrawide monitor and the processing power of my brand new PC. So for anything preparation related (fixing beatgrids, setting, cues & loops -yes, typing cue names on a keyboard beats doing the same on a touchscreen keyboard- updating metadata, etc.) I’d really like to use my PC. Having an actual DJ controller present is a great bonus as it means not relying on the mouse for transport, pitch bend, track manipulation and such.

Love to hear where I went wrong and/or if anyone else feels this is an omission and should be fixed?

My three cents as usual.

Engine desktop is music preparation software much in the same way the non performance version of Rekordbox is. It’s never been designed to be used for DJing with. I wouldn’t call it odd as it’s doing exactly what it was designed to.

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I understand what it is (I think) and I am not asking for it to become performance software, I can play out just fine on a Prime 4 (or any other Prime setup for that matter) and was more than happy to ditch the laptop/DJ software combo. All I am asking for is that you can use a usb-controller as a tool to improve the preparation process. Back when I was using Mixvibes Cross, I did all my prep work with the SC2000 connected. Being able to hit stop/play, press cue buttons, etc. was a great improvement over doing things with only a keyboard/mouse.

Hence my question :smiley:

Ah ok I see what you mean now. Not something I would use personally but I guess it could be useful for some people.

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