LC6000 will there be an M?

Hi all

Great news about the new update and being able to use LC6000’s with the P4.

What are peoples view on whether they think there will be an LC6000M?

Thinking shall I wait in the hope there may be one. I know there’s no way of knowing but good to gauge peoples view.


It would make sense.

Because Rane is under the inMusic umbrella, I’m thinking that the Rane 12 will become an Engine DJ official accessory at some point in the future. :crossed_fingers:


Some days ago the survey and now LC6000 got it’s own category.
Are there further expansion controller from Denon DJ on the way ? :slight_smile:

I bought a pair of lc6000s last year if an M version were to be made I would likely get it rather than buying a sc6000m.

What keeps you away to get a Rane Twelve. If you don’t want to use it with an SC6000 it should be not much different than what we would get with an LC6000M.

I really hope that Engine OS will be improved to support Rane Twelve as well.


Cost, portability, storage, plus the design is different and would look odd (personal preference)

I have a Rane One, Four, Twelves, SL1200 mk2, Sixty Four, and Seventy Two and I must say I’m very interested in a ~10 inch single motorized controller, but there is no modernized 4ch mixer to pair it with… if only the rane four was either motorized or they had the mixer independently as an option… with 4 battle paddles as a finishing touch :money_mouth_face: otherwise i have no reason to buy the sc6000m … but i must say i really love them!

If only the world could truely see my 4 sword technique😈

Did I see live stream with Denon DJ somewhere that’s stated it was on the cards in the future? I’m sure that was a thing around six months ago. Maybe around the time Stems was revealed. Maybe the agi pro video. I’m not sure.