LC6000 stand/riser


I am looking for stands to rise my LC6000s above my SC6000Ms. It don’t have to be ‘expensive’ CDJ stands because the LC6000 is much lighter.

A complication issue is there is not much space between the SC6000M screens and the wall. I found some laptopstands but they rises diagonal and that will not fit between the screens and wall.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best, Arjen

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I made my own out of 18mm plywood, but you need some woodworking tools.

Those ‘DJ Stands’ are all extortionate and it’s probably cheaper to buy yourself a circular and mitre saw:)


I use a hydraulic LCD monitor arm with a 1/2" custom plexiglass base that I made which has bolts and plastic inserts that hold my SC5000 by the foot holes, super solid. It works great and I can swing my SC5000 out of the way when I’m using my SL1200 turntable or even adjust the angle to 90° while playing if I want. The same can be used for the LC6000. Yes that’s a webcam mounted on the base plate pointed at the SC5000 platter, It’s like a action shot while streaming LOL


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Hi Stu

I am currently looking for a way to raise my LC6000 for home use. I think the ones you have made are really good. Could you share the plans with measurements if you have them?

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I don’t have any but I’ll spend some time today and do you a guide on how I made them.

I made them out of 18mm plywood off cuts I had in the garage.

Thank you Stu, that would be much appreciated. If you could also post some photos from different angles that would be great.

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Looks pretty sweet mate! :blush:

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Cheers Kris:) … ill get some proper shots later on and upload them, with some measurements.


Right here goes.

Firstly I’ll say you probably could do with a track saw or circular saw for the best quality straight cuts, but a Jigsaw and some kind of guide/straight edge might do the job too. You need to be able to cut some mitres too for the angled pieces.

The top plate is 32cm x 32cm, what I did was cut 32 x 33.5 then cut a strip off one end that was then glued back on for the lip at the front. The back legs stick out a touch at the back so feel free to make it a touch longer if needed, i was prioritising space so had to compromise.

The rest of the design kind of doesn’t matter what it measures as you can modify it to suit your own needs, but as a guide the 2 angled side pieces for the riser are cut at about a 30 degree angle (I found 45 degrees too steep personally) and the longest edge is 32cm (going a touch higher might be preferable.

For the bottom plate, I made a custom shape to work around the 1210 motor housing that protrudes from under the deck. Id say if you dont need to do that or can’t fit the stand under your deck, you could just make a piece thats the same size as the riser section and then purchase some clamps to clamp it to your desk… maybe those ones with the piece of round metal and a plate, that way you could drill holes in the back and clamp them through that.

For the visible joints is used a cheap dowel jig and used dowels to create a hidden fixing… everything else was just pre-drilled and screwed (bottom and top plate basically).

They really were quite simple to make, with the only real challenge/absolute necessity being the 2 riser pieces have to be exactly the same size for it to work (I cut them in pairs on the mitre saw to ensure this). You also have loads of flexibility with size and shape. You could even make a really large bottom plate that a whole deck sits on if you wanted. Notice I also routed some slots underneath for my 1210 cables, this was just to tidy my desk up.


Thanks, I can see exactly how it’s built! It’s perfect!

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No probs, happy to help :)… they won’t be going on my woodwork hall of fame but they are very very useful.

haha, it’s still a great idea and great work. Don’t be so modest.

Could you tell me what is the approximate width of the side wooden panels in your creation?

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Exactly 10cm, the cavity in the back I left open so I could hide my NAS in one and Broadband Router in the other. You can obviously make them a bit wider if you need any extra space behind, I wouldn’t; go much narrower though as I think it may impact sturdiness.

Looking forward to seeing the results:)

Oh and I forgot to say, I reckon a single sheet of 1.2m x 80cm Plywood from the DIY store should suffice.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

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No probs man, more than happy to help :slight_smile:

Anything to save people money from those extortionate CDJ stands on the internet.