Lc6000 platter noise

I recently got an SC6000 as well as a LC6000. The players themselves are awesome but whats weird is that while the sc6000 has an incredibly buttery smooth platter the lc6000 makes a slight gear-grinding sound like older CDJs, but only when you around the 12 o clock - 5 o clock positions. Is this the case for all units or do I have some sort of defect? I was expecting the lc6000 to have pretty much the same internals as the sc6000 minus the screen so its a bit odd that there seems to be a different feel to the one but not the other

I’ve got one and haven’t noticed anything particularly strange… just turn the music louder so you can’t hear it.


I’ve got one LC6000 that does it exactly as you describe except mine is around 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock. The other one is as smooth as my Prime 4 platters except with a brake option.

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Is there nothing we could do about it. I mean cleaning, adjusting, changing. Why we are not getting any advice or instruction ?

I mean it is market as a pro product but there are so many complaining on the platter which is the most important part of the whole device.

I decided not to send my defective SC6000 for now since it would take to long and the result could be unacceptable.

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Not like you to dive into a thread with negativity and bluster.

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Interesting that it would be at different positions on the platter from the one i’ve got. would be curious what the cause of that actually is.

Also the whole reason I’m asking about this is that it seems apparent there are certain build quality issues with certain denon products (x1850 mixers seem super messed up from an outside perspective) so when i recognize a weird behavior among my devices I’d like to know if its to be expected or not. Especially on products you spend $1700 on.

Can you post a short video of the noise so we can see what exactly it’s doing? I can then compare to my own LC.