LC6000 jogwheel tighter than SC6000

I submitted this to Denon support but haven’t heard anything yet. A few weeks ago I bought an SC6000 and an accompanying LC6000. I assumed the jog wheels would be identical, but the one on the LC6000 is tighter, even when I have them both turned to “loose” on the tension knob. I’ve been hoping it would loosen up a little with use, but it’s still too tight to really do any kind of backspin. Has anyone else had this issue with the LC6000? Will it loosen more over time to match the SC6000?

Can you make a video?

My LC jog is similar to the SC but I will double check that next time.

So far it was with many prime series, and some people reported that issue. If it’s not a big deal, You can just play with it as You do, it will loosen up after time (no idea how long). If that’s a deal breaker for You, Try to get a warranty changeover of units at Your dealer.

Thanks for the info! I tried to make a video but it’s hard to show the difference. I will keep playing with it and decide if it’s a dealbreaker or not. My SC6000 is having sporatic issues with the capacitive touch so I may be replacing that piece soon anyway…

Here’s a video I shot and uploaded to Dropbox. It’s not super easy to see but the SC6000 jog glides a lot more after I release while the LC6000 stops really fast:

This might be just production variations with no actual intended difference in the two jogs. Only two of the four SC5000 non-Ms I’ve had exhibited identical wheel resistance, and those two appeared to have been from the same production lot.

I have a similar issue with mine. What did you do in the end? Did it smooth itself out?

It’s happening slowly but over time the LC6000 is getting looser. It doesn’t impact my mixing too much anymore so I’m just rolling with it!

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Glad to hear it’s not such an issue now. Yeah I’m just gonna roll with two. You’re right it doesn’t affect performance in any way. Good to hear it’s no died overtime or anything like that!