Layer Button not working, How to change layers


I have recently done the latest update on my sc5000s and x1800 and ever since I’ve done it, when I connect to serato I am unable to change layers so I can’t play a song on deck 2 to play a song on deck 2 I have to move it into deck 2 on my laptop and then move the upfader up

Does anyone know how to make the layer button work so I can just press the play button to start the song?

Kind Regards, Sam

Surely with 2 SC5000s connected, one will be assigned to decks 1 & 3, and the other to decks 2 & 4.

You can use one player to control all the 4 decks in serato.

When you press layer it should show you 1 2 3 4 just on the left of the screen.

@SammyG99 when you press it what shows up?

That’s mine working

I can toggle using the layers or the touch screen

Your layer button physically works when you’re just using the player without Serato, though? Having the on screen layer symbol be touch sensitive is something I’ve asked for, but it doesn’t sound like that’s your issue.

Make sure you’ve connected all RCA cables. The layer button won’t work if only one output is connected to the mixer (in standalone mode at least).

Layer button works without any RCA’s connected to the deck. Don’t spread misinformation, please.


My bad indeed. This was an honest mistake though.

That would be a crazy-intelligent player if it knew whether its own audio outputs were connected or not… hah hah hah.

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