Latest firmware of X1850

Hi All!

Is there a latest firmware for x1850 after 1.6? Recently got one and it has 1.6 running on it and the OLED screen just stopped working. Wondering if there has been a fix released for that. Any other tips are welcome for saving the replacement that I got.

unfortunately 1.6 is the latest version for the x1850. The problem with the OLED display had mine after a few days also. Mixer was replaced by the local dealer after it.

Same here, just exchanged mine yesterday but was looking to avoid it in the future. Looks like it’s all in the air.

Based on discussions on this forum, my understanding is the correct latest firmware (1.5 or 1.6) may depend on the production version of the X1850 you have. It’s wise to reach out to Denon Support before changing firmware until they actually post an official version on the site.

As for the OLED, I have no idea if it is related to the firmware. Other discussions on the forum would seem to indicate that it is not.