Latency Of Pitch between Layers (None - It's "Go 'n' Collect" or Soft-takeover)

Good day I have noticed that when switching between Layers, pitch control is not immediately available. Several seconds need to pass first before pitch engages. This is most prominent on Layer B than when switching back to Layer A. Just felt i should mention this. Sven


Is it that several seconds pass … or is it that the pitch fader has to be brought to the value that the other track is at before the pitch fader will start controlling the pitch

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Have you had any chance to try out the two scenarios mentioned ?

Hi Please allow me first to thank you for reaching out… and secondly, i apologise for not trying your suggestion yet. What took place is that when i moved the pitch fader while using layer B, the player’s pitch adjustment didn’t take place at all. So i waited… and several seconds later, it came into effect. So allow me to put this out there as well…as i am typing this, i tried to re-create the scenario i just described and managed to do it. Its as if the machine needs to “think” when switching between layers before the pitch fader does what it supposed to do.

And as i did this, its as if the machine rebooted, the song playing stopped, lights flashed as it would upon switching on and i found myself looking at the source menu…

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@Sven did you every get any re-occurance of the player ran through its lighting display as mentioned above, a month ago.

Or can we edit the post title to (resolved) now ? (as the other thread about this seems to have covered this pitch usage,

I am satisfied. Thank you so much!

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I’ve had my babies 2 x SC5000s for a few days now and I can say that they is definitely definately definately no delay, no lag, no latency, no problem with pitch when changing from one layer to the other layer and back and forth between layers as many times as you want.

I don’t think I could describe soft takeover or encoder-Connect or whatever you want to call it , in any way that hasn’t already been described in this thread.

But I’ll try.

The one pitch control is used by both layers

If you had each layer playing at different pitches and switched layers you wouldn’t want the layer you’d just switched to to suddenly JUMP to whatever position/value the pitch slider was on from the other layer - would you? You’d want the pitch to stay how you left it - yes?

Nor would you want the pitch to suddenly jump if you moved the pitch control even a tiny bit up or down - no!

So the 5000 remembers the TWO values of your pitches - the pitch value for later A AND the pitch value for layer B

Those saying they think there’s a couple of seconds delay shoulld try this - set a track up on each layer, set both off playing, move one pitch a huge way UP , move the other pitch a long way DOWN. Now when you switch layers, move the pitch slider slowly away from that layers extreme pitch toward the other extreme pitch … watch the pitch numbers on the display … the numbers won’t change until you’ve moved the pitch control to exactly the pitch of THAT layer… the green up/down arrows will guide you … if you need to keep moving the pitch control up to meet where you last left the pitch for that layer, then the up arrow will still be lit until your movements make the pitch fader “re-Connect” with the value you last left it at for that layer…

If you take half a second to move the pitch fadercto the last position it was on for that layer, it will take half a second to reconnect…:. If you take 37.1 seconds to move the pitch fader to the last position the pitch was on for that layer, then it will take 37.1 seconds to reconnect.

This isn’t latency or delay or lag, this is simply soft takeover. The only feasible way of any shared control to sensibly be used for two values (layers) on one control.

Try noting what pitch values your setting each layer to and move the pitch … you’ll see that the moment the pitch control “touches” the value you hadcthat layer set to, is the moment the pitch numbers start moving, once again connected to the pitch fader. This is normal, and thanks to the green arrows, very easy and well implemented.


I totally get it, thank you.

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Oh my god, that’s the moment i regret i’m not english, i have just change my first sc5000 today because i thought it was a malfunction of the pitch fader because it freeze all the time… Do you know where i can find this explanation in french, it would help… thanks you very much…

its something you more then likely won’t be able to fix without denon releasing the mark 2 and replacing the sliders with motorised slider’s so they can automatically sync to the correct pitch level when switching layers

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