Laserworld Laser with Soundswitch Autoscript & Autoloops

Hi all, hi @Matthew.W,

I just bought a Laser (Laserworld CS-2000RGB FX MK II - Manual below).

I would like to use the laser with Soundswitch autoscripting and autoloops.

I have already asked Soundswitch and they kindly answered me right away and sent a fixture for the Laserworld CS-4000RGB. But that’s a different laser. The colleague there said it would work.

I would like to have the laser mapped in such a way that colors, movements, etc. work via autoscript and autoloop and it can be controlled with Control One. This is unfortunately not the case with the current fixture.

Can you help me?

Unfortunately, I’m a total newbie at Soundswitch. If the laser I bought is not suitable for this, I could exchange it for another model if you have a specific recommendation.

I look forward to your answers.

Chris :slight_smile:

Usually they will create a autoscript fixture for you particular laser if you email them and ask them then you can use the attributes to change things like patterns etc but not sure with the laserworld lasers as most of them are dip switch dmx and soundswitch don’t really go near them but you could ask for a autoscript fixture profile to be added for your fixture

Hi and thank you for your answer.

I asked so explicitly because Matthew created a great solution for Hubert from this forum, so that the laser could be integrated via autoscript and autoloop.

My laser does not work with dip switches. I have 14 DMW channels but the controls are a big challenge for a newbie.

Yeah Matthew sorted mine out also for autoscript but not sure Matthew is dealing with this sort of thing with in his company Liam should be able to help also these guys are the best and have the best customer service. Matthew is brilliant if you can get a hold of